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A Look Back to the Rams’ Last Super Bowl Win

rams last superbowl

Kurt Warner’s Rams team resisted until the very last second, stopping Steve McNair’s Titans a yard from the goal line on the final play of the match.

With the 23-16 victory over the Titans, the Rams won their first Super Bowl and a first championship since 1951 in the days before the NFL and AFL merged. To this day this is Rams Super bowl last win.

The 34th Super Bowl began as a defensive game, with the Rams taking a 16-0 lead early in the third quarter despite the crumbling health of a Kurt Warner who was hit hard by the Titans’ defence.

The Titans used Rams’ early celebrations to fuel a 16-point comeback that tied the score with just minutes left in the fourth quarter. Kurt Warner continued his great game with a 73-yard touchdown pass to Isaac Bruce, restoring the Rams’ lead for good. On the Titans’ attempt, after an incredible second effort from Steve McNair who joined Kevin Dyson ten yards from the pay zone, the offense was unable to cross the goal line, the same Dysons was held back a yard from scoring a touchdown. After a little hesitation, the official confirmed that the forward had not scored and the Rams celebrated with a dial with no more seconds left to play in the game.

“One Yard Short” or “The Tackle”, two phrases associated with this match that encapsulate a bitter memory for Tennessee fans after this first Super Bowl appearance.

With 414 yards and two touchdown passes, Kurt Warner walked away with the game’s MVP honours, having also been named MVP of the regular season. In short, a dream campaign for the Rams, the “Greatest Show on Turf”. It was the last time rams won a Superbowl.

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