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Coronavirus: many Premier League clubs want the cancellation of the season

premier league cancelation

Is Liverpool’s dreaded doomsday scenario happening? According to The Athletic website, a growing number of Premier League officials are calling for the current season to be cancelled despite the introduction of new measures in the competition regulations, allowing the league to continue without a deadline until its conclusion. Some leaders believe that sport is not the priority at the moment in the United Kingdom, in turn hit hard by Covid-19.

According to the The Athletic, while the health crisis is also hitting Britain hard, the idea of cancelling the current season is gaining ground among several Premier League clubs. Especially in the wake of the decision by the FA (English Football Association) to end its amateur leagues, starting in the seventh division. For the time being, the PL has not yet reached that stage, as the English League has decided that the league’s 1 June deadline for the end of the championship has been extended indefinitely.

The deal that could cancel the season

For the season to be cancelled, 14 of the 20 clubs in the Premier League would have to approve the decision. “We need to start a new season and there will be few losers. Then there’s Liverpool, I know. But in the current set-up, it really doesn’t matter,” a close friend of the case told The Athletic. In any case, the leaders of the Premier League are due to meet next Friday to discuss the issue. And to think that a win at Everton on 16 March could have given the Reds the title… Thirty years on.

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