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England’s plan to finish the Premier League

Premier League end

With England belatedly awaiting their peak on the coronavirus epidemic, Premier League officials are already wondering how they will finish the domestic competitions.

This is what will be the case in England. Indeed, this Sunday, The Telegraph reveals that the English leaders have a plan. The plan would be to resume the competition behind closed doors on 1 June (while Italy is planning to resume on 3 May) and play for six weeks, with the hope of finishing in mid-July, around the 11th, even for the FA Cup. It would also allow four weeks to prepare the players for a new season.

Last Thursday, the EFL and the Premier League agreed that there would be no matches in the Kingdom until 30 April, but that date should obviously be a bit extended. The June 1st plan mentioned above would satisfy, a priori, the broadcasters BT Sport and Sky Sports. Most importantly, it would allow the next season to start on time and thus be able to pocket the full £9.2 billion of the TV rights cycle.

However, there will be a problem with the players’ contracts ending on 30 June, although the International Football Federation is already looking into this. On top of all this, “the EFL is drawing up a £50 million rescue package for its clubs,” the English media outlet writes. The British teams don’t yet know what tomorrow will bring, but they seem to be ready to do whatever it takes to finish their competitions.

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