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EPL players refuse to return early and play behind closed doors

Premier League

According to the Daily Mirror, players at all levels of the English leagues, from the Premier League to the amateur world, would be opposed to the idea of the authorities resuming competitions behind closed doors. Last week, the Premier League was suspended until 30 April with the idea of resuming on 2 or 3 May, even without spectators. English football officials would like to conclude the season as soon as possible to respect the agreements with the broadcasters and thus avoid major financial losses.

The players would have made their opposition known to the organisers. For several reasons: they fear for their health and that of their families, while the government insists on strictly enforcing social distancing. They also reportedly believe that holding a match, even behind closed doors, would mobilize relief resources overwhelmed by the coronavirus crisis. Finally, they prefer not to play without the fans present.

“Players do have concerns and understandably so. It would not be our preferred option but everything has to be considered at the moment.” said Gordon Taylor, general manager of the players’ union. It wouldn’t be our preferred option, but everything has to be taken into account at this time.”

Last Thursday, an emergency Premier League meeting resulted in a general agreement to resume the competition behind closed doors. This could also affect the start of next season. But the situation could still change. On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the United Kingdom to be confined for three weeks.

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