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Manfred hopes season starts in May

Manfred hopes season starts in May

Today would have been the start of the MLB season. Had it not been for the COVID-19 health crisis, the MLB stadiums would have been filled.

Clearly, a return to play is not in the cards in the short term. Since rallies are banned by May in the United States, this forces us to believe that the situation could take a long time. The months of June and July – if not later – are more realistic than May at the moment. But obviously not everyone has this vision….

For now, baseball activities are officially postponed until mid-May. Commissioner Rob Manfred is optimistic that he will be able to meet this commitment by having the players play as early as May.

He made estimates of how many games could be played depending on the date of the return to play. Unfortunately for fans, Rob Manfred does not believe a 162-game schedule is viable at this point.

He also does not know whether a large training camp would be necessary and whether it would take place in Florida/Arizona or in the normal cities of the organizations.

If the Commissioner does not believe in a schedule of 162 parties despite the (potential) resumption in just over a month, one should not expect major changes in the schedule. So we’re a long way from Scott Boras’ plan to finish in December, Ross Atkins’ seven-set doubles programs, an NCAA-style tournament, or expanded lineups to play more games.

But he admitted that no ideas are off the table at this time. “We’ve had discussions with the Players’ Association about relaxing some of the rules because everyone wants to play as many games as possible,” he said.

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