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MLB games now available for free on MLB.TV

MLB games now available for free on MLB.TV

With the spread of COVID-19, a large number of people are subject to quarantine. Of course, after three or four days of isolation, one sometimes wonders what to do to pass the time.

Well, the MLB provides a new solution. The league will give free access to its streaming site,, and all games for the 2018 and 2019 season will be available for viewing. This also includes the playoff games.

A few days ago, the NBA did the same by offering its NBA League Pass service free of charge to basketball fans.

This will certainly please baseball fans, who haven’t had any action to get their teeth into since last October. Considering all the financial losses related to the current situation, this is an extraordinary gesture on the part of the MLB.

If we calculate the number of games played by each team in the league over the last two years, nearly 4,800 games will be available for viewing. Note that this access would be available for a limited time only.

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