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NHL player gets 90 stitches after taking opponent’s skate to the face

Johnny Boychuk

Johnny Boychuck was the victim of a terrible accident this Wednesday night during a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers.

In defence, Johnny Boychuk, behind Canadian forward Artturi Lehkonen, was hit by the blade of his opponent’s skate in the face in the third period. Johnny Boychuk, who was rushing into the locker room, had to get no less than 90 stitches…

On Twitter, the player has given his news, and even found the strength to add a touch of humour. “Thank you all for the positive messages and thoughts! I am extremely grateful to you all. (…) Luckily for me, the skate just cut my eyelids off. Sorry for the late response … facial recognition was not working … thanks again my friends.”.

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