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Players with the most Premier League goals in a season

most premier league goals in a season

Mohamed Salah, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sadio Mané finished last season’s top scorers with 22 goals each. Last year the Egyptian international alone had 32 goals to his name, making him one of the top scorers in the history of the premier league.

But the list is long. The most premier league goals in a season goes to Tom Waring, who played for Aston Villa in 1931. Here is the players with the most goals in a single Premier League season.

2018-2019Mohamed SALAH
Sadio MANÉ
Pierre-Emerick AUBAMEYANG

2017-2018Mohamed SALAH Liverpool32
2016-2017Harry KANE Tottenham Hotspur29
2015-2016Harry KANE Tottenham Hotspur25
2014-2015Sergio AGUERO Manchester City26
2013-2014Luis SUAREZ Liverpool31
2012-2013Robin VAN PERSIE Manchester United26
2011-2012Robin VAN PERSIE Arsenal30
2010-2011Carlos TEVEZ Manchester City20
2010-2011Dimitar BERBATOV Manchester United20
2009-2010Didier DROGBA Chelsea29
2008-2009Nicolas ANELKA Chelsea19
2007-2008Cristiano RONALDO Manchester United31
2006-2007Didier DOGBA Chelsea20
2005-2006Thierry HENRY Arsenal27
2004-2005Thierry HENRY Arsenal25
2003-2004Thierry HENRY Arsenal30
2002-2003Ruud VAN NISTELROOY Manchester United25
2001-2002Thierry HENRY Arsenal24
2000-2001Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Chelsea23
1999-2000Kevin Phillips Sunderland30
1998-1999Michael Owen Liverpool18
1998-1999Dwight Yorke Manchester United18
1998-1999Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Leeds United18
1997-1998Dion Dublin Coventry City18
1997-1998Michael Owen Liverpool18
1997-1998Chris Sutton Blackburn Rovers18
1996-1997Alan Shearer Newcastle United25
1995-1996Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers31
1994-1995Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers34
1993-1994Andy Cole Newcastle United34
1992-1993Teddy Sheringham Nottingham Forest22
1991-1992Ian Wright Crystal Palace29
1990-1991Alan Smith Arsenal22
1989-1990Gary Lineker Tottenham Hotspur24
1988-1989Alan Smith Arsenal23
1987-1988John Aldridge Liverpool26
1986-1987Clive Allen Tottenham Hotspur33
1985-1986Gary Lineker Everton30
1984-1985Kerry Dixon Chelsea24
1984-1985Gary Lineker Leicester City24
1983-1984Ian Rush Liverpool32
1982-1983Luther Blissett Watford27
1981-1982Kevin Keegan Southampton26
1980-1981Peter Withe Aston Villa20
1980-1981Steve Archibald Tottenham Hotspur20
1979-1980Phil Boyer Southampton23
1978-1979Frank Worthington Bolton Wanderers24
1977-1978Bob Latchford Everton30
1976-1977Malcolm Macdonald Arsenal25
1976-1977Andy Gray Aston Villa25
1975-1976Ted MacDougall Norwich City23
1974-1975Malcolm Macdonald Newcastle United21
1973-1974Mick Channon Southampton21
1972-1973Pop Robson West Ham United28
1971-1972Francis Lee Manchester City33
1970-1971Tony Brown West Bromwich Albion28
1969-1970Jeff Astle West Bromwich Albion25
1968-1969Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur27
1967-1968George Best Manchester United28
1967-1968Ron Davies Southampton28
1966-1967Ron Davies Southampton37
1965-1966Willie IrvineBurnley29
1964-1965Andy McEvoy Blackburn Rovers29
1964-1965Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur29
1963-1964Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur35
1962-1963Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur37
1961-1962Ray CrawfordIpswich Town33
1961-1962Derek Kevan West Bromwich Albion33
1960-1961Jimmy Greaves Chelsea41
1959-1960Dennis Viollet Manchester United32
1958-1959Jimmy Greaves Chelsea33
1957-1958Bobby Smith Tottenham Hotspur36
1956-1957John Charles Leeds United38
1955-1956Nat Lofthouse Bolton Wanderers33
1954-1955Ronnie Allen West Bromwich Albion27
1953-1954Jimmy GlazzardHuddersfield Town29
1952-1953Charlie WaymanPreston North End24
1951-1952George Robledo Newcastle United33
1950-1951Stan MortensenBlackpool30
1949-1950Dickie Davis Sunderland25
1948-1949Willie Moir Bolton Wanderers25
1947-1948Ronnie Rooke Arsenal33
1946-1947Dennis WestcottWolverhampton37
1938-1939Tommy Lawton Everton35
1937-1938Tommy Lawton Everton28
1936-1937Freddie SteeleStoke City33
1935-1936Ginger Richardson West Bromwich Albion39
1934-1935Ted Drake Arsenal42
1933-1934Jack BowersDerby County34
1932-1933Jack BowersDerby County35
1931-1932Dixie Dean Everton44
1930-1931Tom Waring Aston Villa49
1929-1930Vic Watson West Ham United41
1928-1929Dave Halliday Sunderland43
1927-1928Dixie Dean Everton60
1926-1927Jimmy Trotter Sheffield Wednesday37
1925-1926Ted Harper Blackburn Rovers43
1924-1925Frank Roberts Manchester City31
1923-1924Wilf Chadwick Everton28
1922-1923Charlie Buchan Sunderland30
1921-1922Andrew WilsonMiddlesbrough31
1920-1921Joe Smith Bolton Wanderers38
1919-1920Fred Morris West Bromwich Albion37
1914-1915Bobby Parker Everton35
1913-1914George ElliottMiddlesbrough32
1912-1913David McLean Sheffield Wednesday30
1911-1912Harry Hampton Aston Villa25
1911-1912George Holley Sunderland25
1911-1912David McLean Sheffield Wednesday25
1910-1911Albert Shepherd Newcastle United25
1909-1910John Parkinson Liverpool30
1908-1909Bert Freeman Everton38
1907-1908Enoch West Nottingham Forest27
1906-1907Alex Young Everton30
1905-1906Albert Shepherd Bolton Wanderers26
1904-1905Arthur BrownSheffield United22
1903-1904Steve BloomerDerby County20
1902-1903Sam Raybould Liverpool31
1901-1902Jimmy Settle Everton18
1900-1901Steve BloomerDerby County23
1899-1900William Garraty Aston Villa27
1898-1899Steve BloomerDerby County23
1897-1898George Wheldon Aston Villa21
1896-1897Steve BloomerDerby County22
1895-1896John Campbell Aston Villa20
1895-1896Steve BloomerDerby County20
1894-1895John Campbell Sunderland22
1893-1894Jack Southworth Everton27
1892-1893John Campbell Sunderland31
1891-1892John Campbell Sunderland32
1890-1891Jack Southworth Blackburn Rovers26
1889-1890Jimmy RossPreston North End24
1888-1889John GoodallPreston North End21

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